Tuesday, November 9, 2010

where did this come from....

cupookie....hmmm i like that. say it...c u p o o k i e. see its fun. this is a start of something i have been wanting to do for sometime now. ever since taking classes at the institute of culinary education in nyc its time to get the ball rolling on this passion of mine. ever since i was a kid i have always enjoyed anything that has to do with art. painting, coloring, sculpting, creating unique pieces of art with my hands. ive also always enjoyed the many many times in the kitchen baking cookies or cakes with my mom as a kid.

in my 20's i went on to work in the graphic design field. i worked with screen printers, commercial printers & advertising agencies. it was fun, i learned alot. after leaving the 8-5 job of graphic design i began the freelance work that many artist end up doing. it was then that i had the extra time to dab into other creative aspects of life that may be of interest to me. took some pastry/baking/decorating classes at the institute of culinary education in nyc when i lived there for 2.5 yrs. i loved every bit of it, i did well too. something about the intricate, precise & creative effort that goes into being a baker or pastry chef that i wanted more of. i thought..."i want to do this everyday."

so here i am now...giving this alot of thought i decided to come up with cupookie. it sounds fun and i love cupcakes & cookies so there. thats what im sticking too. i know this is just the start of my website/blog & the start of networking. everything starts from something. so here i am. this is a start of a dream awaiting to happen. im ready ♥

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