Friday, February 3, 2012

Color Storage

this morning i woke up and did my usual check my Facebook and read down the list on what everyone is up too. i came across LilaLola's page and i read..."Show me your icing colors" she always has a cute and fun way of writing. so i read on about how she stores all her bottles of icing color. some big, some small, some look newer than others and some the only way you can tell what color it is, is by all the coloring smeared all over the bottle haha. i have always thought i need to organize my food coloring a little better but have never gotten around to it. mine seem to hangout in a big zip lock bag while the big bottles just sit neatly overlooking their smaller buddies. so i am sharing mine as well as others on her blog. its interesting to see how neat and not so neat some of us organize our coloring. but all in all it seems to get the job done the same sorta way ;)

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