Monday, January 28, 2013

A Groovy Cookie Project

Another fun cookie project I joined in on. This one was using this fun cupcake cutter designed my Pam at CookieCrazie. Idea was to take this cutter and design a cookie...."No theme involved......just use your imagination with this cutter."
So of course I was not going to make a cupcake. We have all seen so many cupcake cookies out there. Don't get me wrong...a cupcake cookie can be so very cute & I have seen some wonderful ones. I looked and looked at this cutter and the ideas started popping up in my head. For some reason I saw BIG hair. I traced the cutter design on paper and from there I got some ideas online and then my design came about.
The star glasses and the hair pik are royal icing transfers. Added some black sanding sugar to the hair to give it some texture and there we go...GROOVY isn't it? 
I must of made 20 royal icing hair piks. They all were breaking. So fragile but then I was being very impatient by not letting them dry for a full day. Finally....FINALLY I was able to get one in ONE piece.
Very fun project. Or should I say GROOVY project.
I love my big afro hair groovy chick and I think its so fun!
Here is the collage and links to all the others that participated. I just love how creative everyone is. The ideas that were put onto a cookie from a cupcake cutter are brilliant. Don't you think??
1 Jacinda - Ali's Sweet Tooth
2 Shannon - Artfully Delicious
3 Laurie – Cookie Bliss
4 Andrea – Cupookie
5 Nicole - Life's A Batch
6 Lorraine – Lorraine’s Cookies
7 Melissa – The Baked Equation
8 Nancy – Seasons of Joy 
9 Michelle
11 Tricia – The Cookie Loft Girls
12 Heather – Sugar Nosh Treats
14 Pam - CookieCrazie


  1. Andrea this is such a super fun cookie! You are so CREATIVE!

  2. Andrea, she is amazing!! I LOVE this one!!!

  3. just found your blog through pinterest! Your cookie work is amazing!
    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  4. I came over from Cookie Crazie to tell you that I love this cookie! What a cool, groovy idea!

  5. Awww thank you guys! SO sweet of all you!

  6. Wow!!! So much creativity and detail went into this design. I love everything about it!! And I feel ya about those fragile R.I. transfers, but it was so worth your trouble because I think that hair pik is my favorite part!

  7. Awesome! I'm a Black girl with natural hair, and I've often wondered how to best get the curly fro look on a cookie. U nailed it! :)

  8. Thank you so much for the comments ALL! XOXO