Monday, April 15, 2013

Piggy Bank Cookies

I wanted to share a fun cookie today....Piggy Banks. These are special piggy banks. The kind you can eat. Not only a cookie but a yummy piece of chocolate as well. Sugar cookies & chocolate go great together so why not. I got a pack of those chocolate gold coins at the store and thought these need to go on a cookie...
Drew out some fun designs and here they are...
A fun traditional piggy bank with a blingin' sparkly $
Ruffles for a piggy in a tutu :)
 Fun wild leopard print...
My Stache....because every piggy needs a stache.
What girl doesn't need a shoe fund...
Fun Fund....need I say anymore?
And my favorite...Good Fortune piggy bank.
After decorating add some royal icing to the back of the cookie and the coin will stick after it's dry...
 Thanks for reading. Happy cookie-ing :)


  1. How much do your custom orders run? I think I want to invest in these for my mom's Mary Kay National Debut! :) . You do GORGEOUS work!

  2. I love this! Your cookie are amazing! The chalkboard fun fund and the my stache are my favs!!! Well they all are really!

    I'm so happy to realize you have a blog!

    1. Thank you so much Morgan ♥ I like the chalkboard one as well :)

  3. Wow! I love these!! It's so hard to pick a favorite... maybe the chalkboard... or the hilarious shoe fund one. So great!!

  4. Oh how I love that these aren't a 3-D double stacked cookie piggie bank like those pinatas we have all seen. Most of the time it's best to stop at simple!

    1. HAHA that's funny you mention that because that was my initial thought. I started making two cookies and put them together to have the coin sit in the middle. thanks. Way too much work and this looked better in the end anyways. I like that...Stop at simple! :)

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