Monday, September 23, 2013


It has been about five months since I decorated cookies. Yep...went through a little cookie burnout stage. Well there could not of been a more perfect come back cookie so to speak. This is the 2ND ANNUAL GO BO! FOUNDATION BAKE SALE. Last year I made cookies for this amazing event and here we are again one year later. This year is even BIGGER...All 50 states and 8 countries have gone orange for Bo. Pretty exciting!! There are going to be so many cookies and baked good at this years event the people coming to check it out are not going to know where to start.
Info on the Event Bake Sale on Facebook...

So now on to my cookies. The theme this year is Autumn/Fall and Halloween cookies. I decided to go with the Autumn theme and make some leaf cookies. Added some henna inspired designs with the perfect gold touch of "Go Bo!" I am really happy with them because they are for a great event and I feel blessed that I can donate to such a beautiful foundation that is doing so much. 

For more information on Bo and the foundation you can go here...
You Only Live Once.

It's a lesson that Bo taught all of us.

Cherish every moment.
Live. Laugh. Love.

"You only live once so make it count. Just think about what you do. Think about what matters. Live your life like it's your last."
- Bo


  1. Oh, Andrea, how I have missed seeing your gorgeous creations. Man-oh-man, when you come back, you really come back. Thank you so much, not only for the unbelievably fabulous donation of cookies, but for spreading Bo's message.

    Jill FCS

    1. Thank you so much Jill. I appreciate your kind words and all that you are doing for the Go Bo Foundation!! Cannot wait to see how much this years event is going to kick butt!!

  2. Cool! You've been missed! I don't remember how I got here, but I was looking at your blog just a few days ago and wondering where you've been. All of your work is so awesome!

    1. Aww thank you so much Rebecca. I was a little burned out from cookies and baking. It felt good to make these cookies so I am excited to get back into it slowly :)

  3. So wonderful to see you baking again! These cookies are so mind-blowningly beautiful. Incredible work, Andrea!!