Monday, March 24, 2014

Rainbows & Gold Shamrocks.

Phew...I cannot believe it has been over three months since my last post. As you can tell I took a break from cookies. Yea I was a little burned out. One month turned into three months. When I felt the urge to decorate cookies I was not motivated to bake and then mix up all the icing. So therefore no cookie decorating for me HA! Well I finally got in the mood and made some. Perfect timing because I made them for St. Patricks Day. Rainbows and gold shamrocks la la!
I was a little intimidated at first. I felt like it has been so much longer than three months since I had a piping bag in my hands. It felt nice I must admit. :)

On to inspiration...this years CookieCon was just this past weekend. I did not go. I went the first year they had it and had a great time. Well this year I decided to pass on it because I had other things going on. I must admit after seeing so many fellow cookiers photos on Facebook from the event I am bummed I didn't go. This years CookieCon looked to me so amazing and fun. I know when I got back from last years event I was so full of inspiration. It is a wonderful event and getting together with so many cookiers whom share the same interest is a wonderful thing. There is always next year because cookies are not going anywhere. They are just getting more popular by the day. 
Cheers to cookies!!!

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