Thursday, October 30, 2014

GO BO and Gaby Cookies ♥

It seems I have been making cookies few and far between. When I first started cookies I was so gung ho and enjoyed it so much. As time went on I became a little burned out. Right now I make cookies when I have the time, feeling inspired and purely for fun. There are so many fun things to do in life and I do not want to spend it all on cookies ;) BUT....when I do make cookies I truly enjoy the moment. Here are a few cookie projects I have done for the month of October...

Let's talk about GO BO. This was the 3rd Annual GO BO Foundation Bake Sale and it was the biggest one ever. This foundation and the awareness is only growing. Over 400 cookie artist nation wide participated in the bake sale. Over $25,000 was raised. Can you believe it. Makes me so happy to be a part of the GO BO Bake Sale. Here is a photo of my cookies I did for this years event. 12 fuzzy bears and one butterfly went all the way to Wisconsin for the huge bake sale.

I also made some cookies for a girl named Gaby. Gaby is a sweetheart and loves horses.
What more can I say....
 Thanks Gaby for being an inspiration...
Imagine ~ Dream ~ Believe

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