Friday, February 24, 2012

COOKIES for an ART auction

Cookies are Art in my mind and why not have cookies for an art auction right? A fellow cookie artist asked around if we would be interested in donating some cookies to an art auction for an amazing charity called
Family Support Line it is a charity for prevention, treatment and training for the trauma of child sexual abuse. I gladly agreed to be a part of it and donated 12 colorful henna design cookies. I wanted to design something with a lot of color and fun intricate designs. Some fun cookies for a great cause...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Popcorn Cookies

so i was strolling through Target one day and in the great dollar section i found these cool popcorn containers. you know the tall red & white ones? so i grabbed a few knowing i would use them for a cool cookie project i have seen before online. ive seen this done before but i have a hard time always remembering where i have seen it. we all get inspired by so many things online and when i try something similar i like to give credit to where i saw it before. Sweet Hope Cookies is where i have seen popcorn cookies before. i did mine a little different but i got the idea from her. 

i added some LorAnn Oils - Butter Vanilla Bakery Emulsion to the cookie dough & to the icing. YUM!
i wanted the popcorn to look extra buttery so this is how i made popcorn cookies...
i used the BEE cutter from this set i got from Wilton. i also used AmeriColor Egg Yellow for the yellows. when making my yellow flood icing i made sure one was darker than the other. so two shades of yellow and then another mixture of just white.
 here is what i did step by step...
the beauty of making these cookies is they do not need to be perfect.
popcorn comes in all different shades and sizes so how ever it turns out it turns out ;)
i think they are a great gift idea. give them to someone with some movie tickets or even add some real popped popcorn in the mix and have them for a kids birthday party.
its so FUN!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Henna Design Cookie Flower

i really enjoy piping detailed cookies. i have become very intrigued with henna designs. so piping them on a cookie is right up my ally. this time i wanted to come up with something a little different. with all the different cutters i have i thought how cool would it be to make a flower out of cookies with some really neat henna designs... so i gathered a few cutters and this is how it turned out...

Monday, February 6, 2012


a friend of mine asked me to make some cowboy & bull cookies to resemble her boyfriend. she sent me a pic of his chaps and his bull. well cowboy Andy has his cool chaps, black hat and blue eyes. his bull is an ivory color with black spots. i must say this wasn't the typical cookie i decorate so it was sort of a challenge. but challenged conquered! Ride em cowboy yeehaw!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Color Storage

this morning i woke up and did my usual check my Facebook and read down the list on what everyone is up too. i came across LilaLola's page and i read..."Show me your icing colors" she always has a cute and fun way of writing. so i read on about how she stores all her bottles of icing color. some big, some small, some look newer than others and some the only way you can tell what color it is, is by all the coloring smeared all over the bottle haha. i have always thought i need to organize my food coloring a little better but have never gotten around to it. mine seem to hangout in a big zip lock bag while the big bottles just sit neatly overlooking their smaller buddies. so i am sharing mine as well as others on her blog. its interesting to see how neat and not so neat some of us organize our coloring. but all in all it seems to get the job done the same sorta way ;)