Monday, November 25, 2013

Polka Dotted Pumpkins

Fall is here and I finally made some pumpkin cookies. I can relax LOL. Have you heard of this pretty awesome site called Design Seeds? It is a wonderful site if you are looking for a great way to inspire your color palette. You cannot go wrong with this site. I wanted to try something different from my usual bright and vibrate colors I love to decorate with. So I picked a beautiful autumn color palette and went from there. This is the one I chose...
 I used this color palette to inspire these pumpkins.
After flooding all the colors and they were dry I added some fun polka dots. I added these by dipping a toothpick in some gold luster dust along with various shades of AmeriMist sheen colors.
Then I used some ivory food coloring mixed with some water and added some shading to give it some dimension. Fun FUN!!!
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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! XOXO

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sugar Skulls

One last hoorah for Sugar Skulls this year. I had all the colorful icing left over from my last set of skulls I just did. I figured I would make good use of it and make some more. As most of us cookiers know mixing all the different colors is tedious and time consuming but oh so pretty when you have all the colors lined up in their perfect little piping bags ;) So it is good timing when you can use all the colors on a different set of cookies if possible.

Usually when I bake cookies I will make a batch of dough then just cut out various shapes with plans to decorate in the next few days...weeks or months. The nice thing about decorating cookies for my own creative sanity is doing them when I want and how I want. I usually have undecorated cookies in the fridge just waiting for me to get inspired and get all colorful on them lol.

So I made these super colorful Sugar Skulls with cut out flowers for the eyes. I used a Plunge Flower Cutter (usually used for fondant) to cut out by the eye area. Baked the cut out pieces and used the extra little flower cookies for eyes. Flooded the skulls and the flowers white then colored with airbrush. After they were all dried then I added all the colorful piping designs.
Here are some close ups of the eyes as cookies and cut outs..

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Happy weekend to you ALL!!!!