Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th everyone. I went for a morning hike and now relaxing the rest of the day & night away. Always a good way to spend the day IMO. Made some fun red, white & blue cookies since I was in the festive mood lol. Had some left over cookies...(I always have leftovers HA) and decided to do some wet-on-wet. They are so fun because you can really mess up but cannot tell ;)
These red, white & blue meringue swirls were inspired form Martha Stewart LIVING magazine May 2012 issue. On the cover are some really neat meringue swirls in yellow & orange. I have never tasted or made these cookies so I figured why not get patriotic on some meringues and give it a try. They are super easy to make and SUPER yummy!!! 

Friends ♥

  I recently made some cookies for some special people. These kind of cookies are always the most meaningful & enjoyable to make. A very good friend of mine got married and I made the wedding favors. Simple monogram cookies but they came out beautiful. I asked her what other color she wanted besides white & she picked green. I used my airbrush on the edges to give it an added nice touch. Damn I love my airbrush. I am so happy I purchased one. She also asked me to make a tiger & puma cookie for her husband. I would guess he is the tiger & she is the puma lol. They seem to have more creative names for one another than babe & honey I would say ;)
  These cookies were for a buddy of mine that competes in bodybuilding. He is a true champ and an inspiration to so many! These are cookies from the heart ♥

Monochromatic Fun

Monochromatic colors are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. let me try something different. These were alot of fun and I realy like the end result. Flooding a design on the cookie in a color. Then airbrushing it with pearl sheen. THEN...flooding the rest with the same color. Pretty Cool!!!


Watercolor Cookie Art

I had some extra cookies, some extra icing and some extra time. Perfect right? Well I thought to myself "what would be an easy way to decorate some cookies without making up a bunch of colored icing" So I flooded some cookies with white then dipped my toothpick right into the food coloring and went to town. Wet-on-wet results in some beautiful designs. It really resembles a watercolor painting look to me. I used to watercolor in high school and college so it brought back some memories....good ones.