Monday, April 15, 2013

Piggy Bank Cookies

I wanted to share a fun cookie today....Piggy Banks. These are special piggy banks. The kind you can eat. Not only a cookie but a yummy piece of chocolate as well. Sugar cookies & chocolate go great together so why not. I got a pack of those chocolate gold coins at the store and thought these need to go on a cookie...
Drew out some fun designs and here they are...
A fun traditional piggy bank with a blingin' sparkly $
Ruffles for a piggy in a tutu :)
 Fun wild leopard print...
My Stache....because every piggy needs a stache.
What girl doesn't need a shoe fund...
Fun Fund....need I say anymore?
And my favorite...Good Fortune piggy bank.
After decorating add some royal icing to the back of the cookie and the coin will stick after it's dry...
 Thanks for reading. Happy cookie-ing :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy (belated) Easter

Hi everyone. I am a day late but I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. I was not on my computer much yesterday so I failed to post my Easter cookies I made. I made them a couple weeks ago or so but was planning on posting them here on Easter. Some of you may have already seen them on Facebook. This Easter I wanted to try something different. Not the typical eggs and bunnies. Even though I find them adorable I wanted to try something different. I had three sun/flower cookies baked so I was doodling and coming up with some fun Easter designs. The first one was with a bunny. I thought how cool it would be to have the bunny ears going in each of the petals around the cookie. Then it dawned on my that the design I was drawing looked like a kaleidoscope. So I figured I would do a chickie and lamb as well.
I have gotten in the habit of tracing the cookie cutter onto paper and doodle the design. It makes it easier when the time comes to start decorating. I will even write the colors I want to use. Sometimes the designs and colors come out as planned sometimes they change. But overall it makes the process a little faster and easier. After flooding the base and adding some fun airbrush I made some circle royal transfers...the bunny face and the lamb/chick body. From there on out it was adding all the tiny details that made the design remind me of a kaleidoscope. So here are my Easter Kaleidoscopes ♥
And for the fun of it....since I was not on my computer much yesterday I was out on a beautiful hike. I wanted to share this photo. Any Tim Burton fans out there?
 You can get inspiration from anywhere and seeing this reminds me of Tim Burton. I'm sure he gets many of his inspirations from nature ;) I'm a big nature fanatic. I LOVE the outdoors. Getting out and taking a look around opens my mind for so much creativity. Im serious...Take a PEEK!