Thursday, March 21, 2013

Decoupage Flower Cookies

Decoupage: The decoration of the surface of an object with paper cut-outs.

 I remember this style back in grade school and high school. We used to make some of the coolest art projects by cut outs from magazines, fabric, construction paper and much more. Ahhh art class was ALWAYS my favorite next to P.E.  Yes I was one of the girls that loved P.E. ;)

Earlier this month I received a beautiful card for my birthday (thanks Mom) and I couldn't help to notice the creative and pretty flowers on the card. I hung on to it with the idea of a cookie design. So that brings me here. I started these cookies inspired by the card and the wonderful designs in each petal....
Pretty huh?
I wish I would of taken step by step photos of the process but honestly as I was doing these cookies I didn't think they would turn out as planned. WRONG! They turned out as I envisioned so lesson learned.....don't go into something thinking negative. I knew that already but dang I couldn't help myself LOL. 

I flooded some round cookies with white, airbrushed them with a pinkish purple color then flooded each of the colored sections for each petal. Letting each color/petal dry before flooding the next one to it. After that I painted the designs. See this is where I started becoming skeptical. It was not til after I piped the brown outlines that it really came to life in my eyes. Mixed some gold luster dust with gold air brush color and painted on the stems then adding a touch of glitter here & there. Ahhh sparkly in all the right spots. And here they are....
I'm very happy with these. Actually they are still sitting on my kitchen counter. I am going to cringe when my husband asks if he can eat them later this evening HA!