Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patriotic Heart in Hand Cookies

i decided to try my HAND at making some patriotic cookies. these come from the HEART. oh yes they do! 4th of July is coming up on us and i was inspired to do some red, white & blue cookies. looking forward to spending 4th of july here in LA. was living in NYC last year so im looking forward to heading to the beach and seeing some fireworks blast off!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Icecream Cone Cookies!

I love icecream & I love cookies so why not Icecream Cone Cookies? yeah i like that touch. Ive had this cookie cutter for some time now & thought it was time to have some fun with it. I think they are cute for a girls birthday party. The colors could be anything posssible. So yeah..i better go eat up some of these cookies before they melt on right back!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

WIX....not twix, WIX !

i have been using blogger for my cupookie website for sometime now and just switched over to a "real" website if thats what you want to call it lol. is a really cool site that lets you create your own website yourself. its pretty simple and self explanitory. if you are pretty good with computers & understand software you can do alot of cool things to your site as well and make it that much better. so here it is just finished it lastnight. im sure i will have some additions and tweaks here & there but overall im pretty happy with it. its simple, basic, informative and all i need. just wanted to share this in case some didnt know about this site and have been wanting to do a website of their own that you can DIY! yes DO IT YOURSELF!!!
alright folks...wishing all my fellow bakers, creators, artists, decorators and any others that share the same passion with me a wonderful sunday ♥

Monday, June 20, 2011

Henna Inspired

I love to do intricate designs. Where I can sit down and just pay attention to detail and then the finished product blows my mind away. Ive seen heena inspired cookies and thought I would take a crack at it. My problem was figuring out how to get royal icing out of a teeny tiny tip. I remember reading somewhere online to take your royal icing and strain it through a nylon...a clean one of course haha! That way any hard pieces of meringue powder will stay in the nylon. I tried it and clogged tip. I was impressed. I wish I would of used this method before because I cant tell you how many frusterating times my tip would clog and I would have to take it apart, clean and then a few minutes later clogging again. But then again...gotta learn the hard way sometimes lol.

Im so thrilled with the way these cookies came out. All the hours spent on these and the back ache from sitting in the chair was all worth it. ;)